DeadPool + Harley Quinn = Love (work in progress)

2016-02-09 12:48:33 by Cobra6000

This is my work progress of Jazza's February challange.

enjoy :)



Ms. Pac-Man - WIP

2016-01-11 16:41:12 by Cobra6000

This is how i made my remake of Ms Pac-Man on Illustrator CS6:


1. first i made a yellow circle





2. Then i made a black triangle and used shape builder tool to remove it.





3. Now i made the lips with Pen Tool and the eyes, pupil and the black dot with Ellipse Tool. The eyelid made with both pen tool and shape builder tool and the eyelashes i used line tool and width tool.




4. I made the ribbon with pen tool, line too and width tool




5. Finally, i draw a darker yellow shape up to my character and i seletet both shape and character and then used shape builder tool to remove the outside of the shape.




i hope you enjoy it :)